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Pure Earth, Clarios Foundation and UNICEF launch a global partnership to protect children from lead exposure

Around 1 in 3 children – up to 800 million globally – have blood lead levels indicative of lead poisoning.

Informal and substandard recycling of lead-acid batteries is a leading contributor to exposure in areas where children play, live and go to school in low and middle-income countries.

The Protecting Every Child’s Potential initiative will work to raise awareness of the impact of lead exposure on children’s long-term health and development and mobilize action to abolish dangerous practices that cause harmful lead exposure.

“Our team has a long history of successfully remediating and restoring contaminated sites across the world…Working with the Clarios Foundation and UNICEF to scale these efforts is exciting, but our three organizations are just the beginning. We need others with a diverse set of expertise to join us in the effort to develop additional systemic solutions to this issue.” — Richard Fuller, CEO and Founder of Pure Earth.

PECP will draw on the three organizations’ complementary expertise:

  • the rehabilitation of contaminated sites,
  • the safe manufacturing and responsible recycling of lead acid batteries,
  • and the promotion of children’s health and rights.

The initiative will first focus its efforts on Bangladesh, Georgia, Ghana and Indonesia. Clarios Foundation and Pure Earth will integrate their work underway in Mexico.

“The good news is lead-contaminated sites can be remediated and restored. People can be educated about the dangers of lead and empowered to protect themselves and their children. The return on the investment is enormous: improved health, increased productivity, higher IQs, less violence, and brighter futures for millions of children across the planet.” — Richard Fuller, CEO and Founder of Pure Earth.

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Read the press release: Pure Earth, Clarios Foundation and UNICEF launch Protecting Every Child’s Potential: A Future Free from Lead Exposure, Oct. 14, 2020