Solve pollution. Save lives. Protect the planet.

Women and the Fight Against Pollution

Across the globe, women are cleaning up pollution, protecting families
and the planet, and advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable.

Thank you to everyone who attended our International Women’s Day celebration on March 8.
Congratulations to our three “Force of Nature” honorees.
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Introducing the Pure Earth’s Kitchen Cookbook, part of our Force of Nature: International Women’s Day Celebration

The profound impact that pollution has on maternal and child health demands action, and women are leading the effort, crafting solutions in government and policy making, private entrepreneurship, and community-level interventions.

Pure Earth’s Force of Nature awards celebrate the strength and achievements of our honorees as well as countless women the world over working every day to solve pollution, protect their families and communities, and advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable.

Pollution is a Maternal and Child Health Issue… 

Exposures to dangerous chemicals have a multigenerational impact on women and families. Pregnant women can transmit toxins to their infants in utero and via breast milk. Toxic exposures have been linked to pre-term birth, infant mortality and developmental disabilities. Lead and mercury are increasingly making their way into kitchens around the globe in baby food, tuna, spices and cookware, most acutely in the households of poor families in low- and middle-income countries. Plus, millions of women have livelihoods such as small-scale gold mining and battery recycling that pollute and use dangerous chemicals. 

Women are The Key to the Solution…

Once educated on the dangers and sources of toxins, Pure Earth’s experts report that it’s the women in the community who often take charge—participating in our trainings on how to clean up pollutants in the home and make their work practices safe. They are also the most vocal advocates.

The Force of Nature awards are beautiful and intricate works of art crafted by artisanal potters from Pure Earth’s Circle of Women program, which is dedicated to helping women artisans go lead free and make their jobs and community safer.

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