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Pure Earth works with corporate sponsors and industry leaders to implement solutions to reduce mercury pollution. Brilliant Earth, a global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry, and Tiffany & Co. Foundation are among leaders in the jewelry industry supporting Pure Earth projects in the field.

Brilliant Earth first worked with Pure Earth on an ambitious project to transform the Chichiqueros artisanal gold mining community in Peru into a mercury-free model. They are now supporting a new four-year project in Madre de Dios that will enable Pure Earth and the Alliance for Responsible Mining to continue work with AMATAF, an ASGM mining association. The work will include training and transitioning miners to mercury-free techniques, training miners to rehabilitate mining-damaged land through reforestation, and guiding AMATAF through the process of becoming fair-mined certified and to produce fair-mined Ecological Gold.

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Tiffany & Co. Foundation is supporting Pure Earth’s work helping artisanal gold miners “fulfill their obligation to the rainforest” through community-led reforestation in the Peruvian Amazon, and mercury-free training.

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