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Green Mining Project – Peru

Green Mining Project – Peru
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Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)


Pure Earth continues its mercury-free work with the mining association AMATAF in Madre de Dios. In this ongoing project, Pure Earth uses an opportunity provided by the Brilliant Earth Foundation to partner with the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) to assist four mining concessions within AMATAF to become Fairmined eco-certified! In this way, gold buyers can be assured that the gold was produced in a responsible manner, with an emphasis on mercury-free gold production techniques and using reforestation to repair previously mined-out areas. In addition, the mining association must comply with other criteria under Fairmined certification, including implementation of proper waste management, an environmental monitoring program, mining emergency contingency plans, an erosion control program, and many more. The Fairmined certification process is rigorous, involving many months of hard work to ensure that the mining conditions meet the Fairmined standards and then several stages of assessments, including a pre-audit and an official Fairmined audit.

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