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Here are a few ideas…

Sponsor a project and raise funds.

You, a group of friends,  your community organization (church group, boy or girl scouting troop, classroom, PTA or other school-based organization) can make a big difference by raising funds for a specific project.

Workplace Matching Programs or Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
  • Make a donation and ask your company to match it.  Better yet, organize a group of co-workers to make donations.
  • Does your company have a CSR program?  If global environment, health and development are part of the issue portfolio,
Host a “Toxic Cocktail Party”, a fun awareness raising event at your home

We do all the leg work, you just create the invite list of your friends.  Artisanal “toxic” cocktails created just for you!


One of the easiest things you can do is help to spread the word on social media.  Share our posts with your social network. Toxic pollution killed almost 9 million people in 2017 – 8.4 million of those deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries.   You can help raise the profile of this issue so world leaders will prioritize actions to protect the health of the most vulnerable citizens.

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Brief talking points:

Pollution Kills.

  • Pollution accounts for 1 out of 6 deaths globally – three times more than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.
  • Toxic pollution causes debilitating illness and brain damage, and alone accounts for as many deaths as HIV, and probably many more.  

Pollution is Unfair.

  • Pollution, and especially toxic chemical waste,  harms women and children in developing countries.
  • Many marginalized people unwittingly poison themselves and their children as they try to support their families, for example by recycling lead in  used car batteries in their homes and yards,  burning e-waste to extract metals or using mercury in informal gold mining. 

Too Little is Being Done.  

  • The problem – especially toxic contamination – receives little funding or attention relative to other global health issues.
  • The scope of the problem is only beginning to be fully understood. A groundbreaking article in The Lancet has documented the scale of the problem in a comprehensive way for the first time in 2017. 
  • The worst cases occur in developing countries where there are often no monies or government agencies tasked with understanding pollution or toxic contamination, let alone addressing it. Toxic contamination in particular is often not visibly obvious like air pollution, and requires special equipment to detect. 
  • The causes of deaths and illnesses in poor communities exposed to toxic contamination are often mysterious to the people affected.  

Pure Earth Saves Lives.  

  • Toxic contamination can be cleaned-up with simple, cost-effective interventions. 
  • Pure Earth goes to communities suffering from toxic poisoning, partners and crafts solutions. 
  • We assess the health impact and level of contamination; we remove the contaminated material and bring in clean soil and materials to replace them;  we educate the affected people about how to avoid contamination in the future.

We Get Measurable Results.  

  • We measure levels of contaminants using XRFs to map out the severity of the problem 
  • We measure blood levels of lead and other toxic substances to understand the actual health impacts of our interventions.

We Provide Leverage

  • In addition to direct cleanup projects, we leverage donated money to magnify the impact. 
  • We partner both with local governments and global NGOs to leverage the impact of your dollars.