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Lead Poisoning Affects Over 1 Million Children in Mexico; Pottery is Main Cause

What is the true scope of lead poisoning in Mexico? For the first time, we have a clearer picture, thanks to a health survey conducted by the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) in Mexico, documented in the report “National report … Continue reading

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20 Years of Pollution Solutions Countdown

  Over the past 20 years, Pure Earth has cleaned up over 120 polluted communities in 24 countries, identified over 4000 toxic hotspots in 50 countries, and impacted the lives of over 5 million people (including 1 million children). Here … Continue reading

VIDEO: “Why I Give” – Donors Explain Why They Support Pure Earth

This year, we asked some of our most ardent supporters—including Bobbie Lloyd, chief baking officer of the world famous Magnolia Bakery, and designer Ammar Belal—to tell us why they give to Pure Earth. Watch their video testimonies below. Thank you … Continue reading

Pure Earth’s Global Mercury Program:
Success By The Numbers

Pure Earth’s Global Mercury Program works around the world to eliminate mercury use and clean up contaminated sites to reduce mercury poisoning and protect the health of communities, especially children. Since artisanal and small-scale (ASGM) gold mining is responsible for … Continue reading

Brazil: Helping The Potters of Maragogipinho Go Lead Free

In May 2018, Pure Earth held a lead-free workshop for nine potters in Maragogipinho, Brazil. This was an important first step in helping a community, where some residents had blood lead levels as much as 15 times above the EPA’s level … Continue reading

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