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A Year Like No Other – Looking Back and Beyond 2020

At Pure Earth, we’ve defined 2020-2030 as the decade of delivering pollution solutions. Guided by CEO Richard Fuller and our new President and COO Mark Schnellbaecher, we’ve put together a ten-year strategic plan that builds upon 20 years of experience … Continue reading

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The Ocean Pollution-Berg

What’s in our oceans? It’s an ocean pollution-berg and we’re just seeing the tip of the problem. A new study from  Dr. Philip Landrigan and our friends at Boston College links widespread pollution of our oceans to a multitude of … Continue reading

An Amazonian Mining Community Fulfilling its Obligation to the Rainforest

Along with local partners, Pure Earth started the reforestation of more than 3.5 hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon in 2017 and 2018. Another 2.5 hectares was restored in 2020. This report is from Pure Earth’s Charles Espinosa. Located … Continue reading

Partnering To Solve A Global Childhood Menace: Lead

Pollution investigators from Pure Earth’s Toxic Sites Identification Program (TSIP) have been busy finding and assessing contaminated communities around the world for over a decade. Of all the pollutants they find, there’s one they keep coming across again and again … Continue reading

Pure Earth Collaborates On Jewelry Collection To Fight Pollution

“As sustainable fashion becomes a necessity, designers and organizations dedicated to conservation are joining forces. In the past, Pure Earth has made headlines by working in some of the world’s poorest communities to combat toxic pollution, a problem linked directly … Continue reading

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