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Helping Malambo’s Children Break Free From Lead Poisoning

This post is by Charlie Espinosa, Pure Earth intern for Latin America. A 2014 study conducted by Universidad Naciónal de Colombia revealed high lead levels in all students attending La Bonga Elementary School. Located in Malambo, Colombia, the school sits in … Continue reading

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Former US EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Rouses
Crowd To Its Feet With Passionate Pollution Plea

A standing ovation. That is what Gina McCarthy, former US EPA administrator, received at the Pure Earth benefit on Earth Day in New York City. McCarthy was a special guest at the benefit focused on “Pollution Solutions,” showcasing the cleanup … Continue reading

A Friendship Based On Giving Back – Colombian Star Taliana Vargas and Designer Pili Restrepo

Explore the Pure Earth responsible collection, presented by Taliana Vargas. Bid now to help beat pollution. U.S. audiences might know actress and model Taliana Vargas from her key role in season three of Netflix’s Narcos.  But away from the spotlight, … Continue reading

Restoring Rainforest Stripped By Gold Mining in the Amazon

This post is from Charles Espinosa, an intern working with our Latin America program team. Charlie is pursuing a master’s degree in Latin American studies at Columbia University, with a focus on Cuban history. Watch a video of the project … Continue reading

Lead Exposure Linked to 412,000 Deaths in US; On Par With Tobacco

An important new paper from Dr. Bruce Lanphear, a member of the Pure Earth Leadership Council, and a Commissioner on The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health, reveals that cardiovascular impacts of lead are under-estimated by a factor of 10. While stunning, this revelation did … Continue reading

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Fact Sheet: Mercury and Health

From the WHO Fact Sheet on Mercury and Health Key facts Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is found in air, water and soil. Exposure to mercury – even small amounts – may cause serious health problems, and is … Continue reading

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Wishing for a soccer field that does not poison

              Aug, 2013. Pure Earth is launching the cleanup of a lead-contaminated soccer field in Cinangka, Indonesia, so that children in the village can play without being poisoned. The project, starting this month, is … Continue reading

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