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Partnering To Solve A Global Childhood Menace: Lead

Pollution investigators from Pure Earth’s Toxic Sites Identification Program (TSIP) have been busy finding and assessing contaminated communities around the world for over a decade. Of all the pollutants they find, there’s one they keep coming across again and again … Continue reading

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Pure Earth Collaborates On Jewelry Collection To Fight Pollution

“As sustainable fashion becomes a necessity, designers and organizations dedicated to conservation are joining forces. In the past, Pure Earth has made headlines by working in some of the world’s poorest communities to combat toxic pollution, a problem linked directly … Continue reading

Helping Communities Hard Hit By COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many of the poor communities we work with especially hard.  In Mexico, for example, the potters we trained to use lead-free glaze in their traditional ceramics are now facing hardship because they cannot go out … Continue reading

A Mother’s Story: Hope in Kathgora, Bangladesh

This year, mothers in Kathgora, Bangladesh, have a big reason to celebrate–they know that their children are healthier today than they were a year ago. That’s because their children’s blood lead levels (BLL) have been almost cut in half following … Continue reading

N95 Masks Used For Toxic Pollution Cleanup Donated To Hospitals Amidst Pandemic

We know how critical PPE (personal protective equipment) is from our toxic pollution cleanup work around the world. Pure Earth team members often wear a combination of N95 masks, hazmat suits, gloves, and other protection out in the field when … Continue reading

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