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Investigating and Mapping Mercury Contamination in Colombia

When Pure Earth investigators visited a gold ore processing plant in the Colombian town of Remedios, they found dangerous levels of mercury in the air. This plant was nestled in an urban area, alongside a school, market, and church, endangering … Continue reading

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Think Tank Report Recommends Support For Pure Earth

In a new report, think tank Rethink Priorities acknowledges Pure Earth as the “largest organization working on lead exposure,” and recommends Pure Earth as a leading organization with effective solutions. The Global Lead Exposure Report from researchers David Bernard and … Continue reading

In The News: Pure Earth’s Work On The Global Lead Poisoning Crisis

Last year, Pure Earth and UNICEF confirmed in The Toxic Truth report that lead poisoning is affecting children globally on a massive and previously unknown scale. The toll? 1 in 3 children globally (around 800 million kids) have elevated lead … Continue reading

Pure Earth, USC and Macquarie University Publish Landmark Lead Study in The Lancet Planetary Health Journal

The March 2021 issue of The Lancet Planetary Health journal includes an important paper that supports Pure Earth’s previous publications asserting the extent of the childhood lead poisoning crisis in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The paper, Blood lead levels … Continue reading

Circle of Women: Creating Safe Spaces For Innovation And Health With Traditional Potters In Mexico

Why are women’s circles important? Because as women, we spend our time caring for others. We take care of men, the elderly, children, but sometimes we forget to also take care of ourselves. Women’s circles are important because historically, those … Continue reading

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